Adobe Illustrator

Обуки за дигитални вештини во времетраење од 16 часа

Обуката за Adobe Illustrator  е дел од третиот циклус обуки на МладиХаб. Часовите ќе бидат од 18:00 до 20:00 часот.

Опис на обуката Adobe Illustrator:

Научете како да работите со алатките на Adobe Illustrator. Креирајте ваши илустрации, постери, банери и влезете во светот на графичкиот дизајн.

Introduction of the software/ Installation /Opening, creating and saving documents
Workspace setup/ Working with artboards/ CMYK / RGB color modes
Keyboard shortcuts / Selection and direct selection tool/ Drawing shapes with different tools / pen tool,
line tools, paint brush tool, geometric tool
Adjusting stroke and line weight/ Fill and stroke/ Color swatches/ Gradients
Transform objects / reflect, rotate, move, scale / Typography/ Type tool, area type tool, vertical type tool,
type on a path
Working with type/ Fonts/ Paragraph/ Glyphs/ Character palette / font size, kerning, tracking/ Expanding
Understanding layers/ Pattern drawing/ Aligning objects/ Clipping masks
Compound shapes/ Pathfinder/ Distort & transform / Brushes/ Grids
Illustrator effects and filters/ Graphic styles/ Transparency/ Blending options
Exporting graphics for print / web/ Using the image trace tool
Recap of the course
A final exercise


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