Front-end web developer

Напредна обука за ИТ вештини во времетраење од 40 до 90 часа, за оваа обука треба учесниците да имаат предзнаења кои се утврдуваат преку тестирање спроведено од страна на тренинг провајдерот

Обуката за Front-end web developer  е дел од третиот циклус обуки на МладиХаб. Часовите ќе бидат од 17:30 до 20:45 часот

Опис на обуката Front End Web Developer
1. Introduction to programming
1.1. Short history and short summary about the state of the web now
1.2. Explaining problem solving and why it is important
1.3. Introduction to Programming Methodologies
1.4. The development process and exercises
1.5. How to setup the simple game
2. Basic Web Development (HTML & CSS)
2.1 History of Internet and WWW
- Basis
- How the web works
- Basic components of web
- Browsers and Browser types
- Development process
- Hosting
- Maintenance
- Backup
2.2. Introduction to HTML
- HTML Text Layouts
- Hyperlinks
- Working with Images
- Tables and table data
- Forms
- Layout Elements
2.3. Introduction to CSS
- Color assignments with CSS
- Working with fonts and text with CSS
- Formatting Hyperlinks
- Padding, Margins and Borders
- Elements positioning
2.4. Page layout strategies
- HTML5 video, audio & iFrame
- Meta Data
- HTML/CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap)
- CSS preprocessors - SASS
3. JavaScript Basic
3.1 History, Terms, Syntax, Keywords, Operators, Types.
3.2. Flow, Concepts Basics of: Objects and Properties,Events, Values,Variables,Control and Looping,
3.3. Functions/Methods.
3.4. Arrays/Control and Looping
3.5. Dom Manipulations
3.6. Events
3.7. Objects and Properties
3.8. Exercise for objects
3.9. JQuery
3.10. Dom Manipulations, Events with jQuery
3.11. Ajax & Ajax calls with jQuery


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